According to Forbes magazine, 30% of brides spend between 200 and 320 total hours planning their wedding, over an average 16 month engagement. That is equivalent to over 5 full work weeks! An additional 23% of brides report spending 15 or more hours per week (including time spent at home, at work and anywhere else where time was spent planning their wedding).
A coordinator can save you time spent researching and planning your big day. Blue Lace can also help you prioritize your vendors, create and stick to a budget, review vendor contracts, provide qualified vendor referrals, negotiate on your behalf and ultimately save you money. With a wedding being one of the most important life changing events and also usually most expensive, it only makes sense to hire a professional to assist you in executing your perfect, once in a lifetime day. The final weeks before the big day, Blue Lace Events will confirm with each of your vendors to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, make a timeline, run your rehearsal, and be there to ensure that your guests, family and friends will enjoy a blissfully stress-free day. There are a million reasons to hire a Day of Coordinator, but chances are, if you’re reading this, you already know the countless benefits of hiring one.
Typically, Catering Managers at hotels or venues job responsibilities are overseeing the wedding details that only directly relate to the venue and sometimes the food and beverages, depending on the venue. It is not in their job description to run your rehearsal, confirm with each vendor, directly oversee and answer any questions from the vendors on your wedding day, que you and your bridal party down the aisle and make sure all the day’s events are running smoothly and on time. As a professional Day of Wedding Coordinator, our services supplement the services already offered by the Catering or On-Site Manager and their Staff.
By choice, Blue Lace Events maxes out at 12 weddings per year to ensure that each client is treated with the best of care and gets all the attention he/she deserves. We do not take on more than one wedding per weekend, so we are available exclusively to that Bride and Groom.
Most definitely! Who you meet at your initial consultation is who will be running your rehearsal and on-site the entire day of your wedding. You will work directly with a Coordinator (not an assistant or associate) from start to finish. We understand how important this day is and we do everything we can to make sure it is blissfully perfect.
We believe strongly that the best way to execute a flawless event is having 2 sets of eyes on the day, so yes, we bring a qualified Coordinator in training with each Coordinator. Through years of experience we have found that all scopes of the event can best be handled with 2 specialists instead of just one. This is something that makes our company very unique to this industry, as most Coordinators believe in one single Planner on-site.
We arrive when the vendors begin set-up or when the Bride arrives on-site to get ready, depending on which comes first, and leave after the last vendor leaves to ensure everything is wrapped up accordingly. With venues today charging fees for not exiting the venue at the exact contracted time this can save hundreds of dollars ensuring all vendors are out on time and no important personal items have been left behind.
The sooner the better. With the wealth of knowledge and experience we hold, it is best to get in early so you can truly utilize our knowledge to save you not only time but also money! But it is never too late to hire a Day of Consultant to ensure that the countless hours planning your special day do not go to waste.
Each vendor on our preferred list we have worked with on, at least, one occasion and each have gone through an extensive interview process. We continually update and change this list as over time vendor’s services and quality of service change. Blue Lace chooses vendors specifically who give the personal touch that we pride our business on. We wouldn’t want to be treated as just another client so we don’t think you should be either.
First, regardless of budget having at least a day of coordinator is ESSENTIAL! Just as there are varying wedding dresses for every budget there are different coordinators for every budget as well. Our packages are moderately priced and can vary based on the size of the wedding starting around $1,200. The real question is, how much is your stress-free sanity worth?
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